How much is an EICR?

There have been a number of recent changes in legislation surrounding Electrical Installation Reports which you may have already heard or read about. If you want to understand more about how these changes might affect you then read on. From rules and regulations to finding a professional and the cost for EICR reports – we have answered the most commonly asked questions!

What is the EICR report? 

What is the EICR report

The Electrical Inspection Condition Report, or EICR for short, is a thorough and in-depth safety inspection of an electrical system and installation. The inspection was introduced in order to help to improve health and safety through assessing the current condition of the system and identify any possible defects which could be dangerous.

Is the EICR a legal requirement? 

This will vary depending on what you plan to do with your property. For privately homeowners, the law currently states there is no requirement to have an EICR (although it is recommended for your own health and safety).

Is the EICR a legal requirement

If you wish to rent out the property then you will need one – The most recent legislation changes, which came into force on 1st June 2020, mean that now all landlords looking to start a new tenancy, or renew an existing tenancy, will have to produce a ‘satisfactory’ electrical report before the tenants can move in.

What if my property is already let, do I need one? 

If your property already has tenants in place, then you will have until April 1st 2021 in order to produce a valid report.

How long are they valid for? 

How long are they valid for

The current legislation states that the report is valid for five years for landlords and their rented properties. The current recommendation for private homeowners is to have your report renewed every 10 years.

What is the cost for EICR reports? 

The cost for the reports largely depends on the size of the property.

What are the benefits of an EICR? 

Legal Compliance 

Legal Compliance 

As previously mentioned, there have been a number of changes in legislation recently so it is vitally important that you act accordingly in order to make sure that both you and your properties are fully compliant with the law.



It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to request periodic inspections to be carried out. In many cases having a valid EICR will inform the insurance company if the accident was avoidable. Having valid certification will strengthen any insurance claim from an electrical fire.

Health and Safety 

Health and Safety

Electrical faults are the cause of almost half of all accidental UK house fires according to government statistics. Therefore, every home should have a regular EICR check to ensure that all electrics are safe, regardless of whether it is a rental property or private home.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy Efficiency

The EICR not only helps to identify the problems with the electrical system, but it can also highlight areas to help reduce electricity usage and to make the electrical system energy efficient. By upgrading appliances, wiring, lighting, or heating systems you can improve the energy efficiency of the building. This not only reduces your household bills but also helps reduce your carbon footprint – a win win!

Save Money 

Save Money

If you wait until the electrical system is not working properly you could well end up spending more money on the repairs. When potential issues are identified early, they can be rectified before any further damage occurs which can help you offset the cost for EICR inspections in your properties.

If I have multiple properties, will I get a discount? 

If I have multiple properties, will I get a discount

Of course. MyConstructor appreciates that your time is valuable. Simply let us know the number of properties you have along with the number of bedrooms in each one – we can then create a customised quote just for you and give you an even lower cost for EICR block bookings. If needed, we can even liaise with your tenants or agents in order to arrange access for the inspection.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Failure to comply with EICR regulations is taken and failing to comply can result in civil penalties of up to £30,000 for each breach of the regulations. Given the high penalties, the cost for EICR checks is money well spent!

How can I book my electrical report? 

How can I book my electrical report

Now that you know a lot more facts on EICRs, the next step is to find the best cost for EICR reports! As soon as you are ready to book your report, all you need to do is simply head to MyConstructor! The home services platform provides you with access to a comprehensive network of experienced and fully qualified electrical engineers. Just click here, enter your postcode, select the number of bedrooms you have and book online, 24/7 at fixed prices!

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