Buy Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Clothing On A Budge

eco friendly clothing

In today’s generation, most of the thing has grown costlier over time, such as medicine and food. However, the clothing became cheaper. Well, yes, this is a reality. It’s all because of the cheap material which is used in making clothes such as polyester. People are opting of polyester or synthetic fabric clothes more to save money. However, they forget that it is harmful to the environment as it takes a lot of energy and toxic chemicals to produce these cheap synthetic fabrics. We, as consumers, must think ethically and turn towards eco-friendly clothing lines to do our bit for saving the environment. Now the question comes as to how to go for eco-friendly clothing on a budget. Well, do not worry, as we are sharing a few tips for you which you can use and save the planet and some money as well.

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Sustainable clothing- what it is?


Most importantly, sustainable clothing should be both worker-friendly and planet-friendly — clothing which is suitable and durable. Though eco-friendly fabrics, reused, and recycled materials are used for making such clothing. Also, the companies those who produce sustainable clothing pay fair wages to their labourers along with giving them a fair working environment.


  1. Clothes made of Eco-friendly fibres


To produce cotton in a conventional way, a lot of toxic fertilizers and pesticides and also a vast amount of water are used. Well, there is a greener way to grow cotton without using many chemicals and less water. Moreover, the greenest fabrics are made up of renewable fibres. These consume very less water and is recyclable and are easy to produce. You can go for the below-mentioned fibres-


  • Bamboo- Bamboo is eco-friendly, and it grows very fast, and no pesticides are used. It produces fabrics that are soft and maintainable. This is known as “Bamboo linen”.
  • Organic wool- Many sheep farmers use animal manure to nourish the soil. However, some farmers use some other process like they use harmful toxic pesticides. The organic farms avoid all these dangerous pesticides and chemicals and produce organic wool.
  • Linen- It is obtained from a plant called flax. You can go for linen fabrics as these plants require less water, pesticides and fertilizers as compared to cotton. It also requires less energy to produce.

  1. Fewer chemicals

Often, the fabrics are dyed with colours. These dyes need a lot of water and harmful chemicals. The dyes, when washed out of the fabrics, get into the rivers and other water bodies, hence pollute them. These are making things worse and the environment more polluted.

Several people love white, but for your information, pure white fabric is bleached with chlorine. This chlorine is the worst part as the process releases a chemical called dioxin which causes cancer and harmful for our bodies.

Hence, you must go for clothing lines that use natural dyes like cochineal or indigo. These are derivatives from animals, insects or plants. You can also choose unbleached fabrics.


  1. Recycle and reuse

Recycled materials can be one of the best ways to make clothes eco-friendly. Well, fabrics fleece that is obtained from recycled plastics. Another option is the reuse of clothes by passing them to the new users who are going to love it. Recycling and reusing have many benefits, such as they can reduce waste and energy use.


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