How Man And Van Companies Handle Commercial Moving Services: Packing, Installation & Storage

Commercial Moving Services

Big-Yellow-Express-Man-And-VanProfessional man and van companies serve a diverse pool of clients. A client may have extra concerns while seeking this kind of services. A well-established company like Big Yellow Express  always aims to handle a client’s task with speed, punctuality, and professionally. There is an expectation that if a man and van company is to help you move your belongings, they might as well be able to offer basic handling services related to moving; thinking of tasks like packaging and installation.

A typical London’s client concerns may revolve around the following questions;

  • Am I required to have packed everything before the moving company picks it ups?
  • Does the company offer equipment installation services?
  • Will the company offer storage in transit? Are the rates reasonable?

So, How Do Most Professional Man And Van Company Handle Packing?

  • Most companies will offer tailor made packing services to their customers. These services are designed to cater for a wide array of packing solutions that would be favorable to a client’s needs.
  • Delicate and fragile household items or office equipment may require crating. These items vary from glass vases to artwork and mirrors. Custom crating is one of the services a professional man and van company is likely to offer
  • . It entails grouping the items according to their handling needs so that they can reach their destination safely. The last thing a client wants to come across is a broken antique which was in good condition before the movers handled it.
  • Man and van companies want to ensure they handle client’s belongings with utmost carefulness to avoid losses and damage that may occur during the removal exercise.
  • Some people prefer to pack all their belongings and leave the responsibilities of only loading and offloading to the company; most man and van companies don’t mind this.
  • Charges may vary due the packing supplies required by the company to perform the task satisfactory. The specialized the items in question are, the higher the charges; all thanks to the special packing material used.

What if the client has equipment that require installation?

Man and van commercial moving companies handle the installations of basic electronic and office equipment effortlessly. Their removal crews are trained to disassemble that desk pc and reassemble it at the new premises.

They have the technical know-how to disconnect and connect your television set with ease. However it goes beyond just basic household or office equipment. Some removal crews also offer;

  • Customized furniture installations
  • Sophisticated carpentry installations
  • Display decks installations
  • Assembly of stands and counters
  • Reconfiguring existing installations

Where the technical installation capacity goes beyond the company’s expertise threshold, the client can bring/hire their own unique team or have the man and van company outsource the required specialty.

What happens if a client is grappling with a storage concern?

The best man and van companies have built the capacity to tackle the storage requirements for their commercial clients;

  • Storage in transit is one of the most common services that man and van companies offer. This is whereby a client requests that their consignment be stored for a while; sometimes for a week, sometimes up to 90 days.
  • Think of a scenario where one is relocating to a smaller house or office and doesn’t know where to keep their excess belongings; a professional moving company may come in handy to hold your belongings for quite a while before you figure out what to do with them.
  • Short-term storage is also offered for anyone looking to have their belonging kept for a few days. Portable secure storage vaults may be provided by the man and van company in some instances, for safety reasons.
  • Outsourced storage services are also offered. A company may choose to handle storage concerns by outsourcing; for the simple reason that it’s not a moving company’s core business.
  • This is done to cater for storage needs as the company strives to accommodate all their customer’s needs. Referrals to good storage companies within the locality may also be offered to make the clients more comfortable in case they do not have it in-house.

London man and van companies are constantly striving to offer diverse services, to be a one stop service shop in the commercial moving sector. The above solutions are what you can expect each time you hire Big Yellow Express for any moving tasks. They are the real pros and have served thousands of Londoners looking to relocate from one part to the other. Enjoy the courtesy and professionalism from highly experienced moving crews and CRB certified drivers. To book or make enquiries, simply give them a call on 020 3322 8733

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