“The annual value of food wasted globally is $1 trillion, and it weighs 1.3 billion tonnes.” Food is essential that many in this world are not privileged enough to have all three times in a day. Even in situations like this, we waste food. However, there is another food waste like kitchen scraps, etc., that can not be used, so there are safe ways in which you can throw them away. Let us help on How to get rid of food wastes?

How to get rid of food wastes?

Compost Pit

Compost Pit

Compost is a mixture of decomposing food and plants that can be used as a fertilizer. Creating a composite pit at your home and adding garden waste to this pit will benefit you in many ways. If you love to do gardening then a compost pit will be handy for you to grow your organic vegetables with natural fertilizers. In today’s world, finding organic resources free of chemicals, but when you have your own compost pit, you have the assurance that your vegetables and fruits will be fully organic. However, some disadvantages to this could be the rotting smell, but if you live in a big house, then this will not be a problem. Another problem you might face is if you live in a remote area or surrounded by nature, you might attract friendly, wild visitors who love to go through our compost pit. Composting is of the best ways to dispose of your rubbish naturally.

Give It Away

Give it Away

As you can see, we listed out some of the disadvantages that are there because of having a compost pit in your house. If you live in apartments or who feel like they will not be able to handle the work of a compost pit, you can give away your food waste to local farmers who will usually have big compost pits. With the farmer’s permission, you can give away your food waste to them so that they can use it for their compost pit.

Get Creative With Leftover

Get Creative with Leftover

If you have any leftover food from dinner, then you can just use it to make another dish, or you can simply refrigerate it, reheat it and eat it another day. If you have some leftover fruit salad, you can freeze and blend it up to make a mixed fruit smoothie bowl. Top off the smoothie bowl with fun toppings like chia seeds, cocoa nibs, Nuttela, bananas, and many more to make it tastier.

You can combine your leftover meat and vegetables with cooked rice or make fried rice with it and enjoy a hearty meal. If you are more diet conscious and trying to cut on carbohydrates, then you can swap out the rice for eggs. You can make tasty eggs with the leftover meat and veggies. This is also a great way to encourage children to eat their vegetables and fruits. Always plan your meals ahead and only cook what you need. Food is something that is vital for our living, and it is our responsibility not to waste it. Do we hope this article about How to get rid of your rubbish and food wastes? Gave you some ideas to dispose of your food waste safely.

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