Sony Vs Samsung LED TV

Sony and Samsung are currently the leading manufacturers of LED TVs; each has developed their own unique technology in a bid to stay ahead of the other. Actually for the longest time possible, Sony used to dominate the TV market and their earlier brands like Bravia series are seen by many as the new dawn that ushered in the concept of smart TVs. Then came a South Korean company known as Samsung and since then, everything changed. Today, Samsung enjoys about 26% of the global TV market share. Each brand strives to innovate and come up with better LED displays and special features. While comparing the two may not be very easy due to differences in technology, features, and price, Deal Voucherz tries to breakdown everything you need to know about Sony and Samsung LED TVs;

Sony LED TV; generally speaking, Sony TVs are known for their quality picture processing technology used to display images. The images appear authentic and of high resolution. Sony came up with Triluminous Display technology that helps create better color qualities. This means that photos of landscape, seascape, human faces; all these have more clarity when viewed from Sony. Some latest models of Sony Led TVs can connect to WIFI; you can stream movies and videos from YouTube, Netflix, and so on. Furthermore, some Sony Models can be connected wirelessly to content you have on your iPhone or Android phone. It’s also worth pointing out that thanks to the development of technology using magnetic fluid speakers, Sony LED TVs produce high quality sound and audios.

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Samsung LED TV; for their part, Samsung seems to have an obsession with making super slim TV models. Some of their brands like the F800 LED/LCD TV are only 5/8 inches thin! Samsung also adds unique features to their models by including aspects like built in cameras, facial recognition features, motion control, WIFI, and some Samsung TV Apps. Quad-detail image enhancement technology is also used to make TV viewership more enjoyable.

Final Verdict;

In most cases, Sony LED TV will be slightly expensive over Samsung although the latter may have more features. As a matter of fact, both brands can do for family entertainment, it just depends more on your budget and personal preference. Here at, ours is to just simplify your purchasing process by linking you up with the top brands, and ensuring that you get nice discounts while at it.

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