Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, the entertainment is as just as important as the catering and the décor. You need to keep your guests entertained for the duration of the occasion even as you serve them with food and drink. In many occasions, a DJ is necessary. DJs provide the music, hype the crowd, and make the event fun and lively. Given their importance, at what point should you book a DJ? What conditions should they meet before you sign on the dotted line?

  1. Are they specialists at your kind of event?

While most DJs are versatile entertainers, it is also a fact that many specialize in a particular genre of music and focus on particular types of events.In your search, you will find that some DJs only play hip hop, or country music, or oldies. Further, a DJ who specializes on weddings may not be suitable for a corporate event. It is for this reason that you need to inquire from prospective DJs if they have any experience working at your type of event and if they have the music to suit your guests. A point to remember is that the good DJs are booked months in advance and you should therefore start your search for one early.

  1. Music program and requests

As a host, you may have a must-play playlist and a do-not-play list as well. In addition, you are bound to have a music program where certain music is played at particular times. In between, the guests will obviously have their music requests of different music genre, some that fall in the do-not-play category. Only a professional and flexible DJ is able to handle such scenarios to the satisfaction of both the guests and the hosts.

  1. Gear and Equipment

You need to make sure that the DJ has the right equipment for your event. Let him know the number of people who will be in attendance and whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors. Find out if he can provide extra equipment such as a wireless microphone if necessary. Does he have backup just in case, saya speaker fails? What time does he plan to arrive at the venue to set up and how long will it take?

  1. Alternative services

Apart from the music, what other services do they provide that may improve the atmosphere at the event? Video screens have become a necessary feature at many functions. Creative lighting options create a party mood at a bash. Karaoke services give guests a chance to practice their singing outside the bathroom!

  1. Sample the services

Before you book your event DJ, make sure you have sampled their services. Inquire from them when their next event will take place, attend it and only then judge if they are a good fit for your function. While references from colleagues and friends are a good place to start your DJ search, it is only in getting a first-hand experience of the DJ’s technique, seeing how he interacts with the crowd, doing a spot check on which equipment and services they offer, can you be able to book their services.

By: Cavendish Banqueting

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